Cutout cyclists in architects’ renders

photoshop cyclists

Spare a thought for the cutout cyclists. Most of their lives are lived in free-to-use galleries like this or this.  Where they would rather be though, is in architects’ renders. Their sadness is that most of the renders they get to appear in show nowhere for them to safely ride, or securely park and go in.


They’re mostly shown pushing their bikes—there is no such thing as a render where a driver is shown pushing their car. If they are allowed on their bikes, they’re shown in contexts that put them in conflict with pedestrians, who I prefer to call “drivers let out for air”. According to the urban design community they are the yachts of the plaza, to whom every bastard must yield. And without naming names, some of the worst architects with regards to bike placement in renders, are Danish and Dutch!

Architects don’t owe it to the cycling community to do any better. They owe it to themselves. If they don’t engender public health, sustainability, conviviality, and prosperity in the built environment, then who the hell will? The bike transport fairies? Officials from the realms of public health, emissions control and urban mobility, sitting on committees and given the power to reject building plans? You get the picture. It’s not going to happen!

We mercilessly troll road engineers when, I think, architects deserve more attention. Among their other sins are car parking basements and lifts too small for a bike, but to my mind they’re all bound for hell until they get on board with the kinds of ideas behind the provocations you will find on this website.




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