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sector to peopleOur design consultancy division is led by Dr. Steven Fleming, professor of architecture and urban design, the architect of high density housing estates in Singapore and an authority when it comes to designing cities and buildings around the needs of the cyclist. We love working with talented architects on their design teams and understand the complexities effecting their work. Not every project will be straight out of a bicycling utopian, but it helps that we have a clear picture of how architecture and cycling might sing in tandem.

Our widely published design investigations into truly bike centric architecture make us the obvious architects in charge for clients wanting to go all the way with projects that will make history. With partnering design firms in the Netherlands we can lead your project through all stages to completion.


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Steven Fleming started his career as a government architect in Singapore in the mid 1990s. He was design architect and project manager of 1800 apartments and one of Singapore’s most loved community parks in Serangoon. Pedestrian routes crossing the park are at a higher level to the meandering paths for cyclists and joggers to reduce conflicts.