March 31, 2010

Number 1 rated by Google!

Thank you all for putting behooving moving to the very top according to Google! You can help keep this site there by always navigating to the blog via their search engine.   For those who are […]
March 30, 2010

Yakkay to expand their range of bike helmet covers?

A few weeks ago we learned of these wonderful helmets by Yakkay, not sold in Australia, perhaps because they don’t meet this country’s lesbian safety standards (no offense meant to real lesbians). The concept is simple: […]
March 30, 2010

Reader of the week: Egor

Who is he? Where does he come from? As far as we can ascertain our unassuming reader of the week for this week, is a multi-millionaire property mogul cum full time amatuer sportsman, with a side-line […]
March 30, 2010

Easter Bike Polo Thumbs-Up (plus other bike-sports announcements)

Come celebrate Christ’s unlocking of Hell’s gates with a spot of bicycle polo, 2pm Easter Sunday, overlooking beautiful King Edward Park. Lemonade and chicken sandwiches in the clubhouse during half time.And kids, keep a lookout when […]
March 29, 2010

intellectual pretensions stepped up a notch

It was inevitable, that my blogging would eventually see me going off to air my wisdoms at some scholarly forum. Below is an abstract that, straight after I have posted it here, will be sent for […]