December 29, 2011

Family flocks to Newcastle’s newest best bike route.

If you were in Newcastle today, and happened to see a family on bikes seeming to appear out of drains, not they weren’t Wombles, or boat people just arrived by canoe. They were the first of […]
December 28, 2011

the narcissism of small differences

Come close and I’ll whisper a slanderous tale in your ear. Last May I was in Portland, where at a small front yard gathering I got to talking with someone who is very well known to […]
December 27, 2011

Newcastle Waterway Discovery Loop

I have replaced this post with this permanent web page, under “projects”. That page has a comments section for you to share thoughts, links, etc..
December 26, 2011

Finally, a practical use for ramps in the sky.

Architecture of the sky! You might say we have dreamed of it since the Tower of Babel. Masons persisted with Gothic Cathedrals, but since the industrial revolution, it has been envisioned as impossibly light. Give us […]
December 23, 2011

A pragmatic approach to building bicycling cities

Infrastructure and laws privileging bicycles over cars in The Netherlands, were borne of unique circumstances in the early 1970s: hundreds of children killed on their bikes every year, mass demonstrations, car free Sundays, plus an oil […]