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Speaking out against lesser evils

The trick to looking like a vital activist is to rally people against an unarguable evil that they’ll never be able to change. Movie stars, politicians and crowds will always come out to walk against “want”, or say they don’t … Continue reading

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Toward an elegant model for city planning

If we disregard post-WW2 sprawl, few major cities measure more than 15 kilometres from one side to the other—if you don’t believe me open up Google Earth and use the ruler tool there to check for yourself. You will see … Continue reading

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Dry & drive, or drink & ride?

To spare myself the trouble of looking up the actual law, I’ll just tell you what a former police officer recently told me, that cops on the beat are no more concerned about drunken people on bikes than drunken people … Continue reading

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Lessons from the 2014 Venice Biennale for bicycle urbanism

I’ve just returned from my 4th grand tour of Italy in 6 years, with a few sketches and big dose of inspiration from the 2014 Biennale in Venice. Let’s face it, Italy is the world’s premier source book for architecture … Continue reading

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Awoken from bourgeois dilutions by 3 weeks in Schengen

I’ve just returned from a month-long tour of historic centres in Italy, and as usual have been more impressed with the airports I passed through than the cities I was heading to visit. Confirmation that I am not the only … Continue reading

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Not packing my bike to visit old pedestrian cities

Today I’ve been packing for a month in Italy. I lead architectural history tours on an annual basis—it’s all just a ruse to buy shoes. Anyhow, for the first time since I bought it back in 2011 I was having … Continue reading

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Helical perimeter blocks would make cyclists’ lives easy

Any purpose-built bicycle city really would need to be dense. That would not be to negate the possibility of riding in an athletic manner on a bike built for speed, but to give a mother on a heavily laden bakfiets … Continue reading

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Helmets have turned my sport into a blood sport

I have been racing bikes every weekend for more than twenty years, a period spanning the introduction of helmets in professional racing. Some key dates: 1990: Mandatory bike helmet laws introduced in Australia. 1992: Dr. Behooving starts racing bikes 2003: … Continue reading

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Jacques Rancière and the art of bike planning

Quite a few ambiguities could be ironed out if we stopped pretending that bicycle planning was some kind of science, and accepted that it is an art. The first hint that it should be viewed in this way comes from … Continue reading

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Will the City of Tomorrow have driverless taxis or bikes?

During her 6 years (2007-2013) as Commissioner of New York’s Department of Transportation, Janette Sadik-Khan partially restored 317 linear miles of 19th century streets so they could be used for a similar kind of non-motorised mode (cycling) to the mode for which they were … Continue reading

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Lost In Translation at Velo City.

Having given what two random sycophants told me was “the best presentation of Velo City” I sense it is me, Dr Behooving, to whom the cycling world looks for a truly authoritative report on the international bike planning community’s visit … Continue reading

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Why apartment designers should make room for bikes

This was a temporary blog post, and draft of a passage I had been labouring over for my next book. Thank you to all those who helped with their comments. 

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Decoupling bike networks from networks for driving.

I was treated to a very illuminating tour of Amsterdam a few weeks ago, by Pascal van den Noort from Velo Mondial. He showed me something about Amsterdam that I really hadn’t noticed myself, despite many visits, and which runs counter to … Continue reading

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Snap shot of New York, July 2013

I had to clear some space on my mac-air drive and came across some photos I took last year in New York that I had forgot ever taking. Citi-Bike had just started, the Occupation of Wall Street was still fresh … Continue reading

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Cursed by my haters, I prevail nonetheless.

If ever I have belittled you and you have prayed, for example, that I might be struck by a blinding infection during my next speaking tour of the Netherlands, know that your god has acquiesced to your petition. Your prayers caused … Continue reading

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