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Cursed by my haters, I prevail nonetheless.

If ever I have belittled you and you have prayed, for example, that I might be struck by a blinding infection during my next speaking tour of the Netherlands, know that your god has acquiesced to your petition. Your prayers caused … Continue reading

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Design new cities around cycling to make mothers’ lives easier.

My box bike (or bakfiets in Dutch) can go where no pedestrian or vehicle is able to go. It can traverse slopes that would hurt peoples’ ankles if they were walking. It can fit through gaps that vehicles are unable … Continue reading

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PM’s bike essay awarded a B

A few days ago my friend Roberto tipped me off to this article by Australia’s current PM, that he wrote in 2008. My god, on first reading, you would think Tony Abbot was once a bicycling advocate. Go read it, … Continue reading

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Helmet-cam traps: where’s the humour!

It was a sting operation. A classic piece of entrapment, designed to expose the dark soul of the average middle aged Australian misogynist who doesn’t care much for bikes either. With her camera rolling she cycled beside a taxi that … Continue reading

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Summary of bicycle urbanism design lab experiments in recent months

For the past year I have been leading teams of MA and PhD students at the University of Tasmania, Australia, in a range of pure research, and research-by-design projects. One of the questions we have been asking is “what might … Continue reading

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Ride Inside: help shape my next book

Rafael and I got to talking and have decided to write a book. Actually, we have a lot of the research completed already, Raf from his doctoral studies, and me from my regular musings. I guess all we were waiting … Continue reading

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Aristotelian syllogisms and Plato’s ideas, as required in a bike blog.

Here’s a syllogism to stimulate your brain. Major premise: we want everyone cycling! That’s because cycling performs three miracles at the same time, by 1. reducing the amount of time people spend moving between places of work, school and leisure, 2. by … Continue reading

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Car parks turned into 5-star bike parks in Sydney

Emlyn Keane from AMP, talking at Dollars and Sense of Building for Bikes at the Australian Institute of Architects in Sydney. Presented in conjunction with Sydney Rides Festival and Short Communications with sponsorship form Omafiets Bicycles. Video production by Gus Potts.

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Toward a Critical Regionalist approach to bike planning

Driving always struck me as a very expensive way to get fat. As for life as a car-free pedestrian, I gave it a shot, first when I lived in Singapore and later when I lived in New York. What pedestrian … Continue reading

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What went wrong with the traffic engineering profession?

The other night I tweeted: “Since the end of conscription, it has been the offices of traffic engineers causing the deaths“. A fellow blogger and cyclist, but from the civil engineering side of the fence, objected that engineers are just … Continue reading

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Post this video to every traffic engineer whose email you’re able to find.

I wouldn’t normally post something that was trending anyway with the bike crowd on Twitter, but this new video is so good, I can’t risk any of my regular readers not seeing it too. There’s nothing new about the design. … Continue reading

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Cycle specific attire: the good, the bad and the worth owning

Riding a bike in the city wearing business attire is like walking a dog in Central Park. It’s an innocuous, necessary act for some people, but one that they obviously love for the opportunity afforded to parade yuppie status. If … Continue reading

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Motorists are Murderers, Morrissey.

I love Morrissey. The way he sings, wants Elton John’s head on a plate, wears his hair, used to ride bikes once, dresses and waltzes about. There’s not enough there to go gay for (if, indeed, he is homosexual), but … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful

A reader cruelly informed me that no one will ever want to employ my urban design principles, if they are all about cycling. I’ve been glum ever since. The only solace I can take is that the club racing in … Continue reading

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How to make bunch-rides safe — and cycling safe, generally.

My last post arguing that groups of cyclists have an ethical entitlement to ride 2 abreast, or indeed take up the whole road the way cars do, got a few thousand hits in a few days. It’s a hot topic, … Continue reading

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