May 1, 2013

Dr. Behooving Bike Fakenger, now at your Service

For too long, parcel delivery in Northern Tasmania has been the domain of un-ecological and very unhip Ford Transit van owners. It is with great pride and smugness that I introduce a new way. Send a […]
April 28, 2013

More from an architectural design studio designing buildings for bikes.

It seems every week some funky new bike designs hit the web courtesy of university courses in industrial design. Here is the latest. 50 to 80 years ago, chairs and cars were industrial design students’ main […]
April 27, 2013

What will go where?

Trusting a species with an average IQ of only 100, and motivated by selfish desire, to drive their own cars is a crazy idea. Compared to trusting horses to pull along buggies, I guess cars seemed […]
April 27, 2013

What daddy does on the weekend

Yes son, that’s daddy there, in the black top with the white sleeves and the anguished expression. That’s what daddy does Sunday mornings.
April 26, 2013

A building that will not let bikes be forgotten

  A secure bicycle parking space didn’t eventuate as part of the New York Times building, despite that being a condition of planning consent. Whether the architect Renzo Piano simply forgot, or the space was purloined […]