February 5, 2015

Geographical fault lines in the helmet debate

After my recent blog post comparing compulsory bike helmets to compulsory armbands on Jews, I have been hounded by facebook-friends (“ffs”) who believe conscientious objectors to bike helmet laws are going to inspire reprisals from motorists. […]
February 1, 2015

Bicycle plan to keep Venetians living in Venice

Having lived now on a holiday Island (Tasmania) for the past two and half years, I have an inkling as to why Venetians are leaving Venice. Their real population has dropped below sixty thousand and is […]
January 27, 2015

Blue Maps

Here is a mapping technique that highlights the possibility for bicycling heterotopias in just about any city. It has been designed to help people imagine greenways built along non-vehicular easements (waterways and rail corridors for example) unlocking […]
January 25, 2015

Shipping and cycling: the world’s two main forms of transport

At one end of the spectrum we have the dirt poor: those few billion people for whom insurance means breeding. At the other end are the stinking rich, with ecological footprints the world cannot share in […]
January 15, 2015

Helmet laws explained through the concept of Markedness

I’m angry. One of Australia’s peak motoring bodies the NRMA, the makers of murdering machines Subaru, and a company called TOLL who make money from speeding, have joined forces with the well meaning but misguided Amy Gillett […]