April 7, 2015

Senātus Ascensores Rōmānus

It’s a story that until I saw this doco last night I had only ever heard from tour guides in Rome, with their inimitable talent for making everything dreary. Never mind the history being contested. This […]
April 5, 2015

The elegant device as a paragon for city planning.

This might seem arcane, but it’s actually quite obvious that every architectural or urban design act refers back to a paragon of some kind. In Renaissance times it was the body. Whether through analogy (e.g.: the civic […]
April 3, 2015

Rumination on a compact, car-free, manually operated mega-scale city

Here’s a sobering fact. The conurbation of Randstad comprising Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, is roughly the same size as Dallas-Fort Worth and has roughly the same population. This explains how my publisher who works […]
April 3, 2015

Postcard from Atlanta (by Lee Roberts)

Growing up in California, my sleepy little suburb had slow streets, bike lanes, and off-street paths that led just about everywhere I wanted to go. But when I grew up and moved into the city, those […]
March 30, 2015

Office bike parking explained for the non-superstitious.

How are things with bike parking there where you work? Around my way, things haven’t been perfect. But that’s good. If the whole world were perfect I would have nothing to write about, would I? Then […]