March 5, 2010

Prayer and devotion

The last of these three views of my bike is not upside down. It is as I will view it tomorrow when I am out of the saddle and wanting to know I am in the […]
March 1, 2010

If everyone cycled I’d row

I woke up in a sweat, seeing my influence rising, and thinking of the people I have already inspired to buy bikes. If this goes on, Newcastle might overtake Melbourne as Australia’s cycling capital. I’m having […]
February 28, 2010

The bikes that ate cycling

The post war nightmare of freeways and suburbia killed cycling—that is well known. I try to imagine how bike shops fared in the post war era though. I imagine them being left only with the hard […]
February 28, 2010

Being old enough to be retro

  Sorry my boys, Pappa might not have long now. Remember me well, take whatever wisdom I was able to impart, marry wisely and have sons to continue the name…Here’s something to make us all feel […]
February 27, 2010

How racing has changed

2009, crossing a gap                                                     2009, winning a sprint! On this […]