November 28, 2010

The art of making rival riders insane

    Reader, some rather terse and belittling words were said to me during a handicap race on the weekend. Nay, I did not show outward signs of offense. Rather, I made a mental note, to […]
November 26, 2010

Being abroad

It’s a problem: how to take a bike with you, when you go overseas? Sure, a gentleman might lower his or her standards and buy some old clunker once there, for the cost of a meal. […]
November 22, 2010

Gnome et Rhone and Velorbis

  Residents of my fair beach side community, especially those of us who meet in the water to surf, all know Strat, quintessential surf bum and part time moteecycle enthusiast. Well, back when I bought my […]
November 19, 2010

Fire side chat

I know, dear rusted on reader, you have been neglected. I owe you some one-on-one time, Roberto. Please though, I must assure you, blogging continues, even if the posts have been more sporadic. To your attention […]
November 19, 2010

Girls on my mind

Since seeing a young lassie bumping along the footpath on an old ladies bike yesterday—no helmet, basket, looking so smug—I have thought about nothing other than ladies… or at least ladies bikes. Here is what the […]