November 4, 2011

Maximizing the joy of long rides

Maximum pleasure with minimum pain, and minimum effort for maximum gain: my unashamedly hedonistic world view. Last night I joined a large group of architects for the opening of some holiday units—beautifully, naturally—68km from town. 31 […]
November 2, 2011

Spurious gossip only tangentially related to cycling

I once held in my hand, handwritten letters between Louis I. Kahn and Jackie O’—though she had signed her name Jackie Kennedy. I was a PhD candidate, spending a month in Louis Kahn’s archive at The […]
November 2, 2011

Featuring the Urban Country, because it is featuring me :)

So kind of you, Professor James Schwartz, to describe me as “colourful” in this here reposting of my Parable of the Cyclist Who Fixed Things for Everyone. And no, James and I are not brothers. It is […]
November 1, 2011

Does GreenTRIP certification really help cycling?

Architects I speak to are always positive about cycling. But when budgets are tight, and every other stakeholder, except the bike lobby group, is in their ear, where’s the incentive to design around bike use? Really, […]
October 31, 2011

Making building codes more bicycle friendly

Green building certification instruments, take no real account of associated energy used bringing people to and from buildings. Buildings that are out of reach of bike paths or public transport, still get their LEED certification if […]