Blobitecture for bikes in Eindhoven, Holland

Ah, blob buildings. It was inevitable that one would eventually be inflicted on cycling. Before delving into critique though, I have some questions about the architect’s name.

I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce it. “Fuksas“. Fuksas, the Italian designers of blobitectural additions to the cannon of great bicycling infrastructure, that I shall get to eventually, once I get to the, er, bottom, of this peculiar name. Massimiliano Fuksas. Surely the syllabic break is not between… I’ve said enough.

The architectural problem: direct cyclists to 2000 bike parking spaces, that you wish to keep hidden beneath a plaza. Solution: a blob, the form you have when technology allows you to have any form whatsoever, but when there are no forms you can believe in. Post-rationalizing, we might say the building’s fluidity echoes that of bicycle movement. There is certainly a propagandizing message for cycling—not that Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, needs to spend extra on buildings for bikes to make cycling any more popular. And we could say all those little triangles are reminiscent of the rear end of a bicycle. And if we really wanted to, we could say a blob is like another kind of rear end, this one by Fuksas, with colonic tunnels shooting into its bowels. Just a little word play there on a Thursday.

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