Bike parking fundamental, and fundamentally forgotten

Rem Koolhaas’s Educatorium, Utrecht University, Holland.

Rem Koolhaas, perhaps because he is Dutch, designs a campus building as a bike parking station, with some classrooms on top. In so doing, he makes himself look young, down with the youngins, and oh so very cool. MVDRV see how cool Rem looks, and figure an entrance that makes everyone filter through bikes in the foyer of their proposed House of Culture and Movement, in Frederiksberg Denmark, will make them look even cooler. And as the race to adorn their buildings with bikes gets underway, poor Renzo Piano misses the gun. "They ran this way Renzo, not that way."  Having failed to provide the 20 bike spaces he promised employees moving into his New York Times office, he has come off looking very last century. The most poignant insult came when cyclists starting looping their u-bolts through Renzo’s mullions. Full story here

From left: MVDRV’s House of Culture and Movement, in Frederiksberg Denmark; Renzo Piano’s New York Times office. 

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