Hi from Barcelola

Proof: you can look cool on a hire bike

What a busy 3 weeks! I have just finished leading an architectural history study tour of France and Spain, while finalising the text of my book Cycle-Space ready for the copy editor, and at the same time having to stir up support to hit my crown funding target. Yesterday I achieved all three milestones in the one day, then retired with some students to the beach here in Barcelona for a swim, drink and big plate of fried sea food.

Proof that you can also ride on the roof of the Unité d'Habitation

My only problem right now is I am too exhausted to thank the dozens of people who helped me pull off this juggling act. At the very least though, I must thank my parents for their good genes, and also thank Charles Darwin for explaining how all of that works. Then I would thank Martin Luther for the work ethic tradition to which I am an heir.

Proof that Art Nouveau and hipster hair don't necessarily clash

Thank you as well to everyone who has contributed to the development of cycling technology in the past century, for without the physical fitness and independence your fine devices have given me, my brain would be awash with sugary blood and stress hormones, as it is for less capable people. Oh yes and thank you to all of the supporters of Cycle-Space: Architectural and Urban Design Principles in the Age of the Bicycle, due for international release this coming October.

Proof that some of the world's most enviable bikes are on the streets of Lyon

I don’t want to thank you all at once for your support, but singularly in the course of the next couple of months. Please let me know if there is anything in particular I can promote for you with social media.

Anyway, the Barcelona Pavilion is Bernini on Protestantism. And the Sagrada Familia will one day fall down. Photos in this blog post are from my last few day here in Barcelona, and before that Southern France. And there is one day left for you or anyone that you know to come on board as a book sponsor, or pre-order a copy on the crowd funding site. You get acknowledged, and I get more dough for book promotion. Cool.

Proof you should not pick your nose while cycling past buildings all the world wants to photograph

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