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Top 5 bikes of importance to architects

Meager pay, but recognition. That is the standard contract for architects. Recognition for what though? Most often, it is for creatively solving something that would otherwise have left life not fully optimized. This is what draws so many of us … Continue reading

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What is it to cyclescape?

A designer, as we know, is landscaping when they conceive planting and earthworks to edify viewers walking about a cultivated landscape. We could say they are streetscaping, when they are thinking of the space between buildings as some kind of … Continue reading

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A loophole to make buildings unsafe but more fun

Architects, listen up. I may have found you all a great way of justifying sloping floors and other whimsical forms that defy building codes, because they’re unsafe. I was tutoring a student today, who asked if it is possible to … Continue reading

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Architecture for Bicycles in Copenhagen (8-House by BIG)

  Project: 8-House. Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group. Location: Orestad. Cost of the unit: half a million US/Aussie dollars. I want it!

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Orestad, Copenhagen

As though I were a guinea pig, prepared to be tortured to death for your learning, I have come to stay a whole week in Daniel Libeskind’s Holocaust Hotel in the bubble-economy inflatable town of Orestad, South of Copenhagen. This is an … Continue reading

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What does Jan Gehl ride?

Why, just like Dr. Behooving, Jan Gehl rides a Velorbis—though his staff do say he has BehoovingMoving set as the default page on all of their internet browsers. Anyone from Velorbis, if you see this, please, get on over to … Continue reading

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How architects brand themselves with their bikes

Conscious as we are now, of the environment, our health and the frightful impact of cars, many architects are looking to the bicycle, as an emblem of the late machine age. They have for some time: Marcel Breuer modeled his … Continue reading

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Realestate agents tell architects: make space for bikes!

When I was an architecture student, we were often told we should pay no heed to realestate agents’ advice about market trends. Realestate agents only knew that which already existed, not that which might be in the future. As architects, … Continue reading

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Might buildings have bike ramps rather than lifts?

Woolworth’s building, NYC, 1926.       Unite De Habitation 1952                  The Woolworths Building, and tall buildings thereafter, owe their height to Elisha Otis’s plummet-proof elevator of 1852. A century later, Le Corbusier gave a tall apartment building wide access corridors, like streets … Continue reading

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Bicycletecture: goddam I KNEW I would find you!

For a while I have been predicting that this shift we are witnessing in our cities, toward bicycling and away from dependence on cars, would inevitably see the appearance of buildings that celebrate bicycles, the way carchitecture celebrated the car. … Continue reading

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