Bicycle Space (photo essay)

Jane Jacobs would have said it’s contrived, has only one use, and is too vast for pedestrians. However, these greenways that are being made out of disused industrial land, along old train lines and docks, are wonderful places for cycling. If Vegas is designed to be taken in at the speed of a car, and Venice at walking pace, then these somewhat contrived, somewhat twee strips of green, with their just-add-water artworks, obligatory marinas and just-so signage and benches, are perfect for taking in at the speed of a bike. Not a road racing bike (those are too fast), but a heavy old town bike.

These photos capture the main stages of my daily commute. The first 5 represent land once belonging to train lines, factories and wharfs. Then comes the creek edge, 2 black spots that just require patience, then a ride through my bushland university campus, right to my office.

The places cities are investing in, as places one might like to be, just so happen to be places best taken in on a bike. This will be truer still when the job of reclaimed waterfronts is complete, and cyclists can go all the way from Tighes Hill to Newcastle say, or The Upper West Side to Battery Park in New York.  

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