June 10, 2012

Thursday in Rotterdam

Michael Kane can say what he likes about the Dutch. I think they’re cool—with the obvious exception of you Arlie (Arlie is the Dutch woman who bought the house next to mine for her sons to […]
June 7, 2012

Scouting for Daughter-in-Laws in Rotterdam

You know the English never get over their jetlag when they come to the Netherlands. They get stuck running hostels in Amsterdam, dreaming they’re only dreaming about smoking weed. All I have consumed though, are 2 […]
June 5, 2012

Cars can’t hit you in Singapore la

I lived here from ’93-95, and have stopped here a dozen times since. I personally witnessed 3 road related deaths during the time that I called Singapore home, including the death of one cyclist: hardly surprising […]
June 2, 2012

What to pack when heading to Paris?

I have one of those really horrible jobs that sends me away on lots of overseas trips. 2 sleeps from now I’ll be heading to Singapore, the Netherlands, France and then Spain, and going to two […]
May 31, 2012

May our streets have no names

Most people would remember the neighbourhood of their childhood being cut by something unusual. The neighbourhood in which I grew up had a 4 feet diameter steel pipeline running right through it. I remember laying on it, […]