August 16, 2012

The principle of mutual and certain death As cycling advocates we aught to be opposing seat belts in cars, airbags, bicycle helmets, and stupid inventions like the one in that video, for the same reasons military tacticians opposed Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars […]
August 14, 2012

Where sports cycling is the mother of bicycle transport.

A few nights ago on twitter, I saw the “go-Dutch” bike advocacy cheer squad all retweeting a pithy claim that went something like this: “promoting sports cycling does nothing at all to promote bicycle transport”. “Bravo”, […]
August 8, 2012

Bike Hour, Saturday 22 Sept., 6-7pm.

I don’t normally use my blog to support activist campaigns, but since Bike Hour was my own amazing idea, I’ll make an exception. Bike Hour is coming folks! Sept 22, between 6 and 7 pm, wherever […]
August 2, 2012

Danish cyclists never lost their political clout

It does become rather wearisome, hearing how Copenhagen had lost virtually all of its cycling by the late 1960s, before clawing its way back from nothing. People are told this supposed fact, to be primed ready […]
August 1, 2012

Toward a bike-focused view of urban renewal

If you consider just how few of the world’s cities use bikes for any more than 1 or 2% of all trips, it is amazing that cycling gets as much press as it does. But it’s […]