January 31, 2013

How to confound other cyclists just with your clothing.

I have a new raincoat. I bought it to test strangers’ IQs and it is already working. I chained my classic city bike outside my favourite cafe, and waltzed inside wearing my coat. I had the […]
January 30, 2013

White Flight and Bikes

In the last city I lived, Newcastle Australia, people talked for decades about cutting the train line into the city. Although it couldn’t be said in polite company, one of the reasons for some seeking the […]
January 29, 2013

If Picasso were designing our bike infrastructure.

I know when I’m cycling in the Netherlands that quality bike infrastructure will be waiting for me wherever I turn. That ideal is unhelpful in countries starting from scratch. Our budgets allow for one or the […]
January 27, 2013

Healthy Green Transport for a Small City. 3

Following on from part 2. I am ambivalent about the current fashion for renewing sad streets with bike lanes and  Bike Friendly Business District (BFBD) certification. It’s a new trend but already so cynical, built around landowners’ […]
January 24, 2013

Healthy Green Transport for a Small City. 2.

Following on from Part 1. Map all the existing and potential routes for bike paths that are nowhere near cars, against the redundant industrial sites those bike paths could unlock for bicycle oriented redevelopment. I’ve hypothesised […]