May 22, 1930

Chelsea Bike-Lovers’ Houses

    A radical rethink of the New York city block and that city’s ground plane. Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistant: Charlotte Morton Ideas first published in  “10 Points of Bicycling Architecture” in ArchDaily and reprinted in NYC property […]
May 21, 1930

Alexandria Housing & Cyclelogistics

    A never-seen-before approach to vertical access delivers bikes to every level. Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistants: Harriet Elliot and Ben Thorp. Site tour and advice: David Borella and Rebecca Short.
May 20, 1930

The Cycle-Space “Blue Map”

      A mapping technique to reveal the potential of cycling and unite communities with a big picture vision. Developed by Steven Fleming with Ben Thorpe, Charlotte Morton, Harriet Elliot and Amy Pedder.
May 17, 1930

Newcastle Waterway Discovery Loop

    A new linear park unlocking brownfields for bicycle oriented redevelopment. Designer: Steven Fleming.  Assistants: Tom Hatton, Amir Taheri. httpv://
May 16, 1930


      The city of the future should not have infrastructure for cycling. It should be infrastructure for cycling. Velotopia is our response to Antonio Sant’Elia’s call for “each generation […] to build it’s own cities.” A century ago […]