May 24, 1950

Dr. Steven Fleming is the director of Cycle Space International P/L, a consultancy bringing built environment expertise to the challenge of building bicycling cities. As an academic he has published over 40 articles and books including […]
May 23, 1950

Maarten Woolthuis

Maarten Woolthuis is passionate about finding key triggers and insights that lead to greater bicycle ridership. As a consultant in behavioural change, Maarten rolls out integrated Bike-to-work programs through Toury—the cycling game—within companies, cities and regions. As a […]
May 10, 1950

Ben Thorp has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is pursuing his Masters in Architecture part time while working with CycleSpace. His research work and overseas studies in Poland evidence his special interest in urban planning, […]
May 28, 1930

Unite d’ Bicycle Nation, Copenhagen

    A stark proposition for the “city of cyclists”. Featured on Archinect. Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistants: Rafael Upcroft, Rob Maver, Abdel Soudan.
May 22, 1930

Chelsea Bike-Lovers’ Houses

    A radical rethink of the New York city block and that city’s ground plane. Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistant: Charlotte Morton Ideas first published in  “10 Points of Bicycling Architecture” in ArchDaily and reprinted in NYC property […]