January 28, 2010

Simple rules for working with and around bike stores

Here come some harsh but true simple rules to save you all time and money with your bicycle purchasing:  1. NEVER TALK TO THIS GUYUnless they are some guru mechanic, don’t talk to anyone working in […]
January 27, 2010

ah, mr biggles

My Friend "Hamish" has just been converted! He’s been dicking around looking at unlovable Taiwanese whores (pardon, I am of course most uncharacteristististically drucnk) but has discovered, wait for it:              […]
January 16, 2010

secret squirrel

A lot has happened in the past week, but alas little that I can report on because of the top secret nature of my mission at present. I can say, that I have designed a few […]
January 9, 2010

no news today

January 8, 2010

latest plycycle plans

 My friend Dyran is full of ideas, and just talking to him on the phone once a year fills my head as well. While most things I’m drawing are too good to share (meaning they might […]