November 17, 2010

Ride in all weather and you will be adored

A run of wet weather here in bicycle paradise, Newcastle Australia, has reminded me how quickly cycling can slip from bliss into misery. The architectural writer/cylist Reyner Banham found driving strangely amusing, and in the 1970s […]
November 15, 2010

Realestate agents tell architects: make space for bikes!

When I was an architecture student, we were often told we should pay no heed to realestate agents’ advice about market trends. Realestate agents only knew that which already existed, not that which might be in […]
November 14, 2010

Bicycletecture coming to London

I just read this story on Treehugger about an observation tower proposed for London, that cyclists will ascend via a continuous ramp. On the way down, apparently, each cyclist’s braking will be done by the floors, […]
November 13, 2010

You and the law

My darlings, the law is an ass. And an ass is a creature that cannot ride a bicycle. Take heart though, as the principle of common law here in the motherland’s colonies, means we are beholden […]
November 7, 2010

Always room for more sex appeal

Give me a sporty bike for racing and trail riding, but something cool for everything else. In a paper you can download from this page, I argued urban cyclists are often motivated by the chic sex […]