May 19, 2011

A quick note from Boston

Ever tried riding a bike to an airport? It can be nigh well impossible. Ronald Regan’s airport in Washington has a cycle trail running right to it, then past it, but with no way into the […]
May 18, 2011

See Washington in an hour

 Planning to spend an hour in Washington? I did. I enjoyed breakfast at 5am at the greyhound bus terminal, having ridden overnight from New York in non-reclining bus seats. I escaped at the first sign of […]
May 15, 2011

Congestion? New York has no congestion!

May 14, 2011

Amusing myself in Chicago

Like most people, I have only ever travelled by foot, car, train and bus in American cities. On all of those trips I’ve been shackled. So if I seem giddy and silly in this clip, I […]
May 13, 2011

A League of Gentlemen

The men and women at the vanguard of this great cultural shift, represent a true league of gentlemen. Take Brent Norseman here in Chicago. He heads up Norseman Architects, who ply an inimical Teutonic Venturian zinc […]