Are you seeing spam in your RSS feed?

An RSS subscriber to cycle-space has told me that ads for aphrodisiacs are appearing within my text. I did not place such text or links in my blog posts, and seek readers’ help or advice to rectify matters. You can be assured that any links I have placed in my text will only direct you to legitimate porn sites, like this one, or this one, or in extreme cases this one.

Seriously though, if nuisance advertisements appear in your RSS feed, please leave a comment to tell me.


  1. ncvbxfgf says:


    I must have skimmed through that particular post. I have it on my google reader cache. Here’s a screenshot

  2. Simon Russell says:

    Yeah, I saw it too. It could be that your WordPress installation has been infected with something; or that your password needs to be changed.

    It may be that it was specifically targeting Google Reader, as that’s where I saw it as well.

  3. zeraien says:

    Yes, I also saw it in Google Reader, and I checked the actual RSS feed, it contained no spam.

    H&S Bike-Discount GmbH Christian Schmidt

    See the absence of spam between “GmBH” and “Christian”.

    If you actually did have spam in the post (by accident) and removed it, maybe as someone mentioned, you have a virus or need to change your wordpress password, otherwise the problem might very well be on the Google Reader end.

  4. Neil says:

    Yup, spam in RSS today. Screenshot at:

    I’m not sure how to look directly at the feed. I believe my reader (feedly) also uses a Google Reader back end, so it may be related, but it seems to be restricted to your feed, so it seems unlikely to be a google problem.

  5. Steven says:

    thanks RSS readers for your help, and I pray for your patience. I have to get through to my server’s help line, and change a few settings on wordpress. In the mean time, go easy on the aphrodisiacs, okay? Cyclists have quite enough testosterone anyway

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