Architecturally, the best bike shop I have seen anywhere.

Most clever shop design in Australia. Architecturally best bike shop in the world. Most reliable bike mechanics I know. I would like to nominate Two Wheel Industries in Newcastle West for quite a few “bests”. They have recently engaged architect Dylan Wood to expand their store, and are weeks away from revealing a bike store worth visiting, if only to gaze at a ply ceiling and rustic trusses, framed by the main triangles of Lynskeys, Cannondales and Colnagos.

I can’t resist mentioning that Dylan Wood is a former student of mine, and 8 years ago worked with me designing and building my own home extensions. He performed some miracles with wood (or, “Dylan’s Wood”, as we call it), that have since been plagiarised poorly by that overrated hack Peter Zumthor. Neither can resist mentioning that Oenone Wood is Dylan’s sister, or that his brother Jarrett is a champion bike rider too.

Right now though, our focus is that swathe of timer battens you will look for when you take my advice and add this store to your list of buildings to see next time you are in Newcastle. At first glance, it looks like a cheap graphic reference to battening, a stylistic trope so commonplace handymen do it— I guess Bunnings Hardware can hand you a worksheet. Look closely though. These battens are open air, and are flush with a glass shop display space, directly below. They in fact screen stairs to a mezzanine office. Too cool for a bike shop? I would say: just cool enough.

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