Architects might as well design their own bike racks

Conscientious architects want to touch the whole site with their hand, colonize it with their sensibility, make it all ring in harmony. Earning her fees here at Glasgow’s Museum of Transport, Zaha Hadid (or more likely, one of her leckies) has echoed the shape of the building’s array of portals, in the bike racks out front. More on the building’s mild bike friendliness here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Riverside Bike Racks

    I love your passion for all things bicyclic.
    Was at the Riverside Museum recently and it is a great celebration of your favoured vehicle. Do you know if Zaha has provided similar bike racks at Ordrupgaard too? The building where you like is simply wonderful!

    • Steven says:

      Re: Riverside Bike Racks

      Hey Stu, I am remiss in not getting around to Ordrupgaard when I was in Copenhagen 2 weeks ago… that city is drowning in cool new buildings. Do bikes precipitate architecture? Must do! I was at her Maxxi museum in Rome recently: zero bike parking, alas. In Denmark she would not have to provide bike racks, because Dane all just use their rear wheel lock, and pick up new bikes with insurance money when their bikes are stolen, a petty crime committed by drunks late at night, and hardly ever pursued by police, from what I can gather. What I do admire about all Hadid’s buildings, is the way their forms invite being appreciated at bike speed, riding around them, and ideally through them. She needs a ride-through commission. So thank you indeed, Professor Cameron, for that most welcome comment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    an exception then?

    the bike parking at zaha’s biopolis in singapore is useless. wheel benders only, inadequate in form and number, not to mention location. often out of the way, often in the open. bikes have been stolen, cctv was “offed”. at least we have walk-in cold rooms to beat the heat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: an exception then?

      oh also, when will zaha et al begin to realise that square machines won’t fit in triangular corners. or would she have sorvall start building triangular centrifuges?

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