Architects: here’s how to increase your clients’ budgets by millions!

I read recently that the average middle class Australian is spending about a thousand dollars per month, per car in their life. So I found this free savings calculator on the web (look down the list), and worked out what 1k per month, invested in a managed fund averaging 10% returns over the long term, would be worth in 30 years (the maximum length of a home loan).

Holy f@#$%!  Architects, you can add $2.3million to each client’s budget, per car you can spare them from owning! Advise them to include bike garages, instead of garages for cars. Here’s an example I saw in Portland in May.




  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, cos it’s architects that sit at the fulcrum of people’s decision whether to own a car. It’s not existing land-use patterns literally built into the environment over the last 80 years, it’s architects. They will draw buildings that lack car parking, and those drawings will be so splendid that a mass epiphany will result – the scales will fall from the eyes of the previously auto-addicted who will now clamour to be part of this new cycle-space city that turns its back on…every aspect of their old lives. How could it fail?

    • Steven says:

      Sir/Madam, you miss the whole point. It is the traditional role of visionary architects and architectural theorists (that’s me) to show you poor unwashed souls, alternative ways you might live. My particular task, is to forge out an alternative space for a small, but growing number of weirdos, who like myself, would rather a life without cars. The 80 years of vehicular inscriptions into the fabric of cities, to which you refer, should be left as-is, for the vast majority of folk who are happy with things as they are. You live your way, and a handful of us will live ours. Cycle-space is like queer-space. You have to ride, or be queer, to recognize it.

    • Steven says:

      and now I take all that back. Though I was rubbed the wrong way by your sarcasm, your position is strong enough that mine has to change.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Architects! ayayaya!

    @behoovingmoving 1st it was pasta, then lemon squeezers, now how can we cycle without an #architect designing the #bike? None other than Ron Arad!

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