Finally car free, and ready to roll

My credibility just shot through the roof. The family car has been sold and guess what, even my Primrose is happy. Insured for $17,000. Sold for $2,600. Okay, so perhaps I could have driven it into flood waters and pretended I didn’t know, but somehow I think I would have been caught. So we listed it for real cheap on Gumtree today, and sold it 3 hours later. So I guess now I’m at liberty to vandalise my neighbours’ cars, dig up my street and plant trees, litter all the roads I don’t ride on with nails, and in these ways be more of an agent for change?

If I don’t hear from any of you with reasons not to proceed, I shall be mounting my 2 wheeled steed of indignation tomorrow, and riding toward immortality. Hmmmm…


  1. Attention citizens! Your neighborhood has been seized by the Velocratic People’s Council! Your cars will be removed and converted into bike parts. Your streets will be dug up and planted with trees and native plants. A neighborhood velowarden has been installed to ensure compliance. Please leave your keys in the ignition to aid removal. Compliance is mandatory, resistance punishable by deportation to Detroit.

  2. Edward says:

    In all seriousness, congratulations. We hear plenty of stories of people who got rid of their car and claim it was the best thing they ever did but in some Australian cities, I imagine it would actually take some getting used to. All the very best with it. You have your Velorbis (and the Bakfiets by the looks of it). What does Primrose ride?

    • Steven says:

      She has a nice racing bike and a velorbis scrap deluxe, so is pretty well equipped. I want to bring her back a Brompton from Holland in June, that would work well with buses and trains. But we have gone without cars for extended periods in the past, so know what we’re in for. We just kept that old thing going until it ran out of rego..

  3. Sacred Vow says:

    Looking forward to the caltrop dispenser reviews (pannier mounted)

  4. Michael says:

    It’s not in the same league as your effort, but we didn’t use our car at all this weekend and we did everything we’d normally do (swimming lessons, sport, family outing to street festival). It even rained! And we brought home a helium balloon! At our house, this is a big deal (the balloon and not using the car).
    Here’s a picture

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