Some now familiar synergies

I would have loved to have taken some Biomega bikes and hot chicks with nose rings out to 8-House to film something like this, but had to make do with my Brompton and myself as the model. I guess I could have taken some better camera equipment than my iPhone when I went to Copenhagen, and I guess too I could have arranged a few interviews. But hey, it was 2011. Nobody knew back then these things would one day be big!


  1. Hemp Bike says:

    If cars are less “functionally advantageous” than bikes but most people use cars because they “allow you to communicate who you are” better than bikes, why do most cars look the same and why are they mostly so boring and ugly? The answer is that Mr Biomega is wrong. Apart from a few expensive exceptions, cars aren’t hedonistically appealing. They are, however, more functionally advantageous than bicycles, which is why most people use them most of the time. The challenge is to make bikes so extremely hedonistic that people want to use them in spite of their functional inferiority. At lease a hedonistic bike is less expensive than a hedonistic car so he has some success.

    • Steven says:

      Famously, Jens is from an exceptionally wealthy background. His perceptions of cars would have been shaped by a few sports and luxury models.

  2. Luke says:

    “Famously, Jens is from an exceptionally wealthy background”

    When you say “famously”, you are not by any chance referring to this quote (and footnote) from a well known Newcastle based blog on cycling and architecture?

    “Biomega bikes, designed by the layabout (fn.1) son of a billionaire….
    fn1. Of course I have no actual proof of this, but come o-o-o-on!!”

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