Alexandria Housing & Cyclelogistics



Most people living in Sydney see gridlock and crowded trains. Here is what we see: reserves and flat redevelopment sites connected by non-vehicular easements that can be made into greenways. In short, we see cycle-space.
A 15km diameter circle captures potential redevelopment sites and easements for the bicycle highways needed to connect them all up. Riding at 15kph, any slow cyclist could reach two thirds of the blue on this map within 24minutes, provided their bike routes followed waterways and rail corridors so did not make them stop for car traffic.
We propose a bike-friendly apartment building at the epicentre of this circle, and a new 5km bike highway to Sydney's central train station, starting along Alexandria Canal. 
Given Alexandria's importance to the city's logistics, we propose a cyclelogistics distribution centre at the base of the building. Increasingly couriers in Europe are using pedelec trikes to bypass the restrictions and jams impeding the use of delivery vans.
A location 20 minutes by bike from a CBD, and near to a seaport and airport, is ideal for a cyclelogistics warehouse and depot.
The other innovation, shown in this slide, is that floor plates are organised around scissored bike ramps serving every apartment.
This is a new concept in access, that we have invented. It requires some explaining.
One oversized lift at the end of the block (left) takes people on bikes to their sloping floor level. From the lift they ride down their ramped access gallery to their apartment. When leaving, it would be faster to roll down to the ground than bothering using the lift.
We call this new building type a "marble-run" block for the toy it resembles. It is one of our solutions to the problem of "start of trip facilities" for bicycle owners. 
In the interests of efficiency, as well as privacy and cross-ventilation, two out of every three apartment floors are accessed via internal stairs within the apartment. 
Only the half-sized entry levels open onto the ramped access galleries, that serve every third floor.
Here is a floor plan of the largest type of cross-over apartment.
This is the floor plan of a large cross-under apartment.
In saying NO to car parking, single-storey/single-aspect apartments, train travel and too many lifts, the project says YES to affordable housing, health, the environment as well as speedy commutes and deliveries in the bikeable flat regions of Sydney. 

Designer: Steven Fleming.  
Assistants: Harriet Elliot and Ben Thorp
Site tour and background: David Borella and Rebecca Short.

A never-seen-before approach to vertical access delivers bikes to every level.

Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistants: Harriet Elliot and Ben Thorp. Site tour and advice: David Borella and Rebecca Short.

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