My blogging took a serious turn when my hobby writing about cycling turned into a day job in 2012. Nothing self sensors like knowing your boss reads your posts. Now that I realise the boot’s back on my foot (in fact, it was all along) I’m blogging once more in the carefree manner I was formerly known for.

Regularly turning to a favourite blog should be like a regular meeting with a friend at the pub. When we do that we’re happy to hear what’s on our friend’s mind. We don’t expect to always be preached at—at least not at length. We’re happy to argue, but don’t expect to judge or be judged.

I’ve noticed I’ve been so focused on using these posts to get feedback and criticism on ideas in development to help my writing and teaching, that I’ve been forgetting to actually blog. By that I mean, I’ve been forgetting to open up random lines of discussion based on whatever crap is on my mind as I go to bed.

No sooner did I rediscover my old ways, starting with this post early last week, than my page views went back to around 400 per day. This gives me the immediate idea of hitting some of you up for some money. It may not even be money, but support in subtler ways. I might even place a free banner for you, if I think what you do is especially awesome. Alternatively, you may see a serious sponsorship opportunity and negotiate to have the only advertisement on my blog.

I’m imagining discrete banners off to the right of my blog posts, to appear mid November after a period of confidential negotiation by email, and to remain for a year. As past advertisers with me could attest, the number of actual click-throughs per day is quite low—sneaky advertisements within the body of a blog post are what really get click-throughs. Rather than click-throughs I would encourage you to see this as an opportunity to tether our reputations in my readers’ minds.

Who are my readers? Certainly not the multitudes. (There are better places to advertise socks). My readers tend to be people whose power is not economic so cannot be wielded in board rooms, but intellectual and thus can be wielded in court rooms or the court of public opinion. They are batting for bicyclists’ rights, knowing everyone is a cyclist who is just trapped in a car city. I’m not sure they buy much, but most are in charge of some money.

So go on. Swing me some dough. You will be giving me slightly more independence from the university system which, frankly, is looking more like the car industry every day. Here’s a screen shot from google analytics showing some basic page views for the past year. I’m an open book so just ask if there’s something else like this I can show you.

12 month stats jpg


  1. ian-rm says:

    Sounds good.What’s the cost?In the mean time, let me send you one of my hand made cycle caps to wear and wash the crap out of. Just choose one from my web site and I’ll send it your way.



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