A strange little habit of mine

I imagine a future in which everyone will work from their home, but still have to physically commute to their virtual office, maybe even powering their computer battery for the day as they go. Or maybe I’m just rationalising a strange little habit of mine.



  1. Edward says:

    What a fantastic machine! Is it connected to the Mac, a games console or is it stand-alone?
    I’m embarrased to admit I had a brief spell of using Microsoft’s Train Simulator some time ago. You could download routes and trains from all around the world. At bedtime, my wife would often say “are you playing on your train stimulator?” Kind of ruined the moment.

    • Steven says:

      Wives!!! It’s the tacx VR system. You can use it with google earth too, but I really like the VR experience, because it fools you into thinking you’re really just out for a ride. I had to buy a PC for it to run on, as it won’t work with a mac.

  2. Benedikt says:

    My dear Dr Behooving,
    that former self of yours looks suspiciously fast. Are there doping options in that game? And if so, what are the default settings?
    I hadn’t expected an everyday cyclist like you would have the time/the wish to use a stationary “bike.” I thought those were for summer cyclers to stay in shape throughout the other seasons. You have cycle obsession of the highest order. But I agree that that video game add-on could make a wheelless pedalseat bearable. Will it lean sideways when you’re “going” through curves?

    • Steven says:

      There are only two bike racing nuts who I am friends with who have ever stopped to question “vehicular cycling”. One is in Rotterdam, and the other is in Portland. So I don’t doubt people would be surprised that someone who advocates a complete escape from cars, as I do, would also like racing bikes, even in the privacy of his own bedroom. But I’ve been racing bikes on the weekend for twenty years now. For me it closes the loop: racing and commuting inspiring the other. I was put onto these VR systems for a former pro-rider, now a Marxist professor. Interesting guy.
      Those super fast efforts were made while I was hauling bike rickshaws last summer.

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