A special bike polo tribute to mums

Newcastle Gentleman’s Bicycle Polo is celebrating Mothers Day this Sunday, with a special demonstration match, just for the mums.
Where: Centennial Park
When: 2pm.
Dress: Tweed (mum will be there)

Oh and mums, tea and scones might give your boys extra strength, should you happen to pack some in a basket, to surprise us all at half time. Much love.




  1. Anonymous says:

    Bike Polo

    Hi Steve,
    Jeddah asked me to get in touch with you and let you know about the bike polo that we used to play when we were kids. That was many years ago as I am her grandfather. In those days we used to call it bike hockey. In my growing up days I lived at Stockton and the main sport over there in those days was hockey. Most of my fiends used to play the game. In the winter a lot of Sunday afternoon we played bike hockey and most of the players were skilled hockey players. Because the field was larger and the ball harder it was a much faster and dangerous game. There was generally a few collisions and some bike spokes were broken with players trying to stop the hard ball with their bike wheels.

    • Steven says:

      Re: Bike Polo

      Hi Don
      it has also been suggested that you might be available to act as our referee some time. We would GREATLY enjoy that, and defer to whatever version of whatever rules you chose to impose. As gentlemen, we respect our elders you see. If you happened to wear commanding attire, respect would quadruple. You know where we are any Sunday, so just rock on down if you can spare an hour, plus we retire to the Lowlands for a drink after. There is talk too of a demonstration match for the This Is Not Art festival, where a gentlemanly referee—despite his penchant for danger—would add to the spectacle, and thus raise this sport’s profile.
      Cordially yours
      Dr. Behooving

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