A design brief for apartment design

Architects: here is your challenge. Design an apartment, unit, or attached house with garage, that allows a family of 4 to leave home on their bikes as quickly as they might otherwise leave home in their car. Each family member has a choice of 3 bikes (that's 12 bikes in total). The kids have to wear helmets.

The 7 hooks on the roof of my utility courtyard (below right) where 7 bikes hang by their rear wheels, seemed like a good idea at the time, but it leaves dad (me) with the task of retrieving and returning everyone's bike, before and after each trip. Hmm, makes driving look good. Then there's the messing about, finding kids' helmets.

Okay, my family could always go Dutch, and chain 4 beater-bikes to lamp poles out the front of our house. That would make a nice advertisement too, I suppose. But we live in a sprawling city, requiring long rides, necessitating our owning a few bikes worth stealing—and let's face it, I like collecting nice bikes!

My buddy Egor (pictured) has the luxury of a garage, where he racks his stable of bikes in a manner conducive to rapid dispatch. We want something similar, only taking up less precious real estate. It's not only us wanting this. It is every family towing the line on urban consolidation, the environment, their long term health, and not posing a threat to the world every time they leave home in a heavy armored machine. The best idea I have had, thus far, is to fill the world's living rooms with bikes, parked between the lounge chairs and the TV.

Send me your ideas, and I'll post them for my 6 or so readers, all over the world, to admire.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Architects, shmarchitects

    Three bikes for each child? Anyway, in particular for situations where retrofitting entire rooms is necessary, this is not a home architect issue, but a street permission issue. Get permission for something like this (and most families would be more like two bikes per person) and include a slot for a guest bike, which the guest in your cozy former/to be bike room can use whilst visiting!

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