A certain fondness for Portland

Ah memories, and Portland is such a nice place. Where else could a realestate agent cut a living selling homes to people who absolutely do not want off street car parking? Where else could you find high performance bicycles being made entirely of wood? Where else could a bike industry show room employ former LA gallery curators and move bikes, like this one, as though they were original Pollocks? I’ve heard people from Portland derided by other Americans, as too-cool-for-you, but gee, you don’t get that impression at all when you’re there. Perhaps they just give that impression, when they travel elsewhere in the US, and can’t wipe that appalled look from their faces. All I encountered was misplaced humility, for example from photographers whose work we all follow, but who would let some blow-in like me do most of the talking. Cycling is diverse there as well. Very diverse, and thus pleasing to someone like me, who is easily bored. Anyway, here is clip with production values, and one without (meaning I made it on my iPhone). 

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