A brilliant cyclist and a brilliant mind

Take the greatest competitive cyclist of the late ’90s (now Lance has proven the rest were all drugged), and Harvard’s leading researcher on the health and safety of cycling, and give us both a weekend in Tasmania to cook up some projects, and you have a seismic event in the history of bicycle transport. More to come when we rule the world. For now you will have to make do with this ridiculous low angle photo. Thank you The Examiner, for making us look like statues from Phidias’s workshop. Though I will grant, Jayne Richardson did a nice job with the text.



I know copies of the book are at the Co-op Bookshop in Launceston, and on-line from architext in Melbourne—although no doubt it is wiling its way to online and specialty bookstores pretty much everywhere.

I must admit, it felt strange seeing my thinking for sale, for as much as a kilo of coffee, when normally I can’t give it away. I plan to leave copies around the house, as a way adding something to everyones chatter.

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