Car centric cities are failing. They have the worst commute times, public health and emissions. People are leaving. Land prices are falling.

We thought urban consolidation would fix things but with much smaller governments these days we’re not building the metros. The way forward (and it’s a great one!) is to follow the lead of cities making the best possible use of their ground planes—Portland OR, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, etc.—by giving more over to cycling.

The winners will be the property owners and developers who understand Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD). I invented the term and now work as a speaker, analyst, consultant designer and lobbyist for the concept. I write books with the world’s leading architectural press (NAi010). I’m part of Harvard University research team exploring the link between health and building for cycling. I handle regular requests from peak bodies, policy makers and the media to speak on the subject. In 2016 I co-founded Cyclespace Amsterdam, the most entrusted and impactful bicycling agency in the world’s leading bicycling city.

This is my personal website where you can learn about ways I might be able to help your own endeavours and maybe learn a little yourself from my archive of well over 1000 frank blog posts dating back to 2009.