Live on the web with our lycra nicks down!

Dear WordPress,

please remain the dominant web building and blogging platform until Gusto and I die, as we would like this to be a once in a lifetime learning experience.

Dear readers,

please bear with us as we work to give our site a visual clarity to match our clarity of mind, and a sense of style as particular as we are, in our selection of bike gear, clothing, eyewear, hairstyles, women, etc.. That we who would pour pore over every choice of cable outer, should be reduced to using the same templates one might find on a site about cake decorating… my god, not even Ride to Work Day was so demeaning as this! Yet we persist. Bear with us, we implore you sincerely.

And finally, dear friends, as Gusto and I work to design an interface befitting the wealth of content below, please feel free to post your suggestions, below this post. What might you like to see on the front page, back page, etc.?


  1. z pegg says:

    It may behoove you to pay for a premium wordpress template and receive support and a sophisticated web site in one fell swoop.

  2. Gusto says:

    Indeed. This version is a stopgap until our bespoke theme is commissioned. It will be dripping with sophistication.

  3. Rob(ert) says:


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