August 13, 2011

What is it to cyclescape?

A designer, as we know, is landscaping when they conceive planting and earthworks to edify viewers walking about a cultivated landscape. We could say they are streetscaping, when they are thinking of the space between buildings […]
August 13, 2011

What is a Cycle-Space separatist city?

So here is what a separatist cycle-space city might look like. A child reared, schooled, entertained and taken shopping in the colourful new zones marked on this map (of Newcastle, my city), would grow up only […]
August 11, 2011

Turning this hobby into a duty

Regular readers will well know my propensity to joke around, but I’m not joking now. I’ve had a few genuine responses to my call for help, from architects and urban planners. All are geniuses, by which […]
August 10, 2011

Looking for architecture students who share my passion for cycling

 I’m imagining a shopping center that doubles as a bicycling center. I’m imagining some kind of cross between Boulder Indoor Cycling, Kim Bridgland’s Hunting Grounds, OMA’s Prada Store, and BIG’s proposed waste treatment plant in Copenhagen, […]
August 9, 2011

Progressive Portland

I’ve seen the future, and it’s kinda ramshackled and frayed at the edges. Portland is where hippies no longer have use for their combi vans, where kids use the footpath the way I remember from childhood, […]