May 28, 1930

Unite d’ Bicycle Nation, Copenhagen

    A stark proposition for the “city of cyclists”. Featured on Archinect. Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistants: Rafael Upcroft, Rob Maver, Abdel Soudan.
May 22, 1930

Chelsea Bike-Lovers’ Houses

    A radical rethink of the New York city block and that city’s ground plane. Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistant: Charlotte Morton Ideas first published in  “10 Points of Bicycling Architecture” in ArchDaily and reprinted in NYC property […]
May 21, 1930

Alexandria Housing & Cyclelogistics

    A never-seen-before approach to vertical access delivers bikes to every level. Designer: Steven Fleming. Assistants: Harriet Elliot and Ben Thorp. Site tour and advice: David Borella and Rebecca Short.
May 20, 1930

The Cycle-Space “Blue Map”

      A mapping technique to reveal the potential of cycling and unite communities with a big picture vision. Developed by Steven Fleming with Ben Thorpe, Charlotte Morton, Harriet Elliot and Amy Pedder.
May 17, 1930

Newcastle Waterway Discovery Loop

    A new linear park unlocking brownfields for bicycle oriented redevelopment. Designer: Steven Fleming.  Assistants: Tom Hatton, Amir Taheri. httpv://