Book Cover Unveiled

Here is the cover of Cycle-Space the book, featuring a cool photo whipped out by Mikael Colville Andersen on one of his trips to New York, and a graphic by my publisher that really could be used a street sign. As for Cycle-Space the movie, or Cycle-Space on Ice, it’s too early to say what graphics will be used to promote those. But Cycle-Space the book, is pretty much in the bag.

If you haven’t already, I would urge you to jump on the bandwagon of supporters pre-ordering the book, by going to our crowd-funding site here. Friends and family, I won’t have boxes of free copies to give you. You may as well pre-order now! Corporate supporters thus far have been Bike Wise in Sydney, Ortre in Hong Kong, Morgans Bicycles in Sydney, the Cycling Promotion Fund based in Melbourne, Isuda Bike Share in Singapore; and Dutch Cargo Bike in Melbourne. Then I have a raft of individuals to thank for their support: Nick Batt, the president of the Newcastle Cycleways Movement; Stephen Hodge from the Cycling Promotion Fund; Lukas Junker, a regular reader and commenter here; Sam Keam; Vicki Couglan who writes the Bicycles In Newcastle Blog; Timothy Burke; Anne Lazarakis; Adam Zaborszczyk; the incomparable Gus Potts; Sacha Parkinson; Bianca Hudson; David Roberts; Robert Milan ($150, thanks Roberto!); Marni Jackson; Sally Guyer; bike artist Mike Rubbo; Gus Kingston; Luke MacLachlan; John de Bruyn; Daniel Teague; Kevin Joy; Angus Gordon; Dan Kaufman from Crank my Chain TV; Architect Cara Wiseman ($150, thanks Cara!); Shea O’Donoghue; Alan Crabbe; Amir Taheri; Josephine Vaughan; Dutch architect Victor Veldhuijzen van Zanten; Dutch architectural writer Fred Feddes; Adrian Emilsen; Sara Stace; Elaena Gardner; Australian architect Caroline Pidcock; Bernard Hockings; Cheeky Transport; Jen Allison; Rebecca Lehmann; and Warren Salomon.


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  1. Yurek says:

    Reading your blog daily first thing in the morning. Definitely will purchase your book.

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