Impressions of Paris

The French live in the country making casseroles in their Le Creuset pots. Their children live in Paris, working on their appearance. They spend far too much money on clothes to afford parking fees in the city, so have elected a socialist/green government to jettison those bourgeois machines altogether, and make way for bikes, especially Vélib‘ bikes. They are a long way from having safe roads, complete infrastructure, or policing to stop cars parking in bike lanes, but what choice do they have but to cycle? After all, they have spent all their money on clothes, art supplies, and weekend trips to the country for their mothers’ casseroles. Meanwhile, these city share bikes are basically free to get around on. All you do is plug in your credit card, take a bike, then return it to the next station within half an hour. Who could resist!


  1. Luke says:

    I’m impressed that you have got the obligatory photo of a Frenchman in a stripy top on a bicycle. 7/10. For full marks, he has to have a beret and a string of onions attached to each handlebar. I can remember one such onion seller coming to London (early 70s?). I now wonder if he was really a performance artist or employed by the French tourist board. Hope you’re enjoying Paris.

    • Steven says:

      It was only after seeing him, that I decided to start taking photos of people. Alas none have been quite so, how you say, froggy

  2. Luke says:

    Another thing – is it true that if you leave a Velib at the top of a hill you get a free ride?

    • Steven says:

      Hmm, my understanding is all rides under half hour are free anyhow. So you tear into the bike station like you’re completing the ride stage in a triathlon, without a second to spare.

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