The Fiat factory recreated for bikes

Should I rush this, or take it slow? Though the subject matter is surely deserving of candles and intellectual foreplay, between you, my reader, and I, I’m afraid I’m in a hurry my dear, and just need to get something out onto paper.

I learned this evening of a paper proposal by NL Architects (in Holland, of course) to build a wee little bicycling folly on Hainan Island in China. Full story here.

Decades before cars took over the world, a similar looking building was built in Turin, for cars to do laps on the roof. And in searching for photos of Giaccomo Matte-Trucco’s Fiat factory, I happened upon one taken by a cyclist riding around it. All done!

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  1. tim says:

    A bike track upstairs.
    Not up a ramp. Up stairs.

    Pure genius…

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