Land values and people flows are being realigned by the rise of bicycle transport, creating winners and losers—as happens. We are the consultants who have researched the shifts underway and who help built environment professionals stay ahead of the bike transport megatrend.

Our methods are analytical, but visionary too. We ask how cycling is emerging as a development catalyst for your city. From there we derive some “Grand Schemes”, future visions of your city with bikes being used to their fullest. From there we work with you on ways to respond to bike transport with the projects you are working on now.

Designing for cycling is not a matter of appeasing a small interest group. When surveyed two thirds of most populations say they want cycling environments and that they own bikes. They say it’s our job now to build places to ride them and park them securely at home, work and public places.

Here you will find proposals, texts and 1000+ blog posts to explain why bicycle planning doesn’t stop at the curb-side. We hope you enjoy these resources and invite you to contact us to discuss ways we might help you be a leader in the age of bicycle transport.

— Dr. Steven Fleming, Director, Cycle-Space International Pty. Ltd. ACN: 603 608 886