This is a specialist consultancy taking architects, developers and cities toward new frontiers in bicycle planning. Our backgrounds in architectural practice and  as theoreticians of architecture and urban design let us do more than just cut and paste standards from Northern Europe. Cities degraded by industry or car-centric planning need innovative approaches if cycling is to figure in a meaningful way.

Why bicycle transport? For its unbeatable tetrad of societal and selfish rewards—Fitness, AffluenceSustainability, Time—rememberable by the acronym


Here you will find proposals, texts and 1000+ blog posts to explain why bicycle planning doesn’t stop at the curb-side; bicycle planning doesn’t stop until it has changed our model of city growth and fundamental assumptions about access within buildings. We hope you enjoy these resources and invite you to contact us to discuss ways we might help your organisation or firm be leaders in the age of bicycle transport.

— Dr. Steven Fleming, Director, Cycle-Space International Pty. Ltd. ACN: 603 608 886


A slide show highlighting key concepts: